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Do You Ever Wish Getting Fit & Healthy Could

Take Less Of Your Time?

What if you had a proven system that took health off of your shoulders, so you can put all of your time and energy into moving the needle in your business and life.

You've tried it all. Fad diets, working out, counting calories - nothing has worked for you to reach and sustain optimal health and fitness levels.

You're tired of spending money and time on programs that constanly burden you with more things to do rather than something that fits practically into your life.

What If I Told You It Was Possible To "Outsource"

Your Health.

When your health is not optimized other areas of your life fall stagnent and suffer. A lot of business leaders are operating at less than optimal levels and they don't even know it.

God has called you to do great things, if you are not operating at your peak levels it makes it much more difficult to fufill all that God has planned for you.

Optimizing Your Health Allows You To:

  • Be More Present With Your Family
  • Feel More Confident
  • Move The Needle In Your Business
  • Give More To The Kingdom
  • Sustain The Calling That God Has Put On Your Life

Why Do Many Leaders Struggle

With Optimizing Their Health?

  • They Are Insanely Busy

  • Health Is Not In Their Wheelhouse

  • They Have To Do Everything On Their Own

  • The Health Industry Is Incredibly Confusing

  • Growing Their Business Is a Higher Priority Than Their Health

  • They Are Not Held Accountable To Anyone For Their Health

  • They Lack a Proven And Sustainable Structure

  • They Don't Want To Take Time Away From Their Family

The F.O.R.M method takes the stress of trying to manage and optimize your health off of your plate. It also provides better results than you could acheive doing it yourself.

Finally find out what’s stopping you from

optimizing your health to serve God and others.

There is a better way.

It start's with downloading the free F.O.R.M method guide below.

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Since coming to Glory to Glory over 3 years ago I have seen an amazing turn around in my overall quality of life and I attribute so much of that to the training, knowledge, and encouragement that I have received at Glory to Glory Fitness. Not only did I lose over 90 pounds in just under a year but I have been able to maintain that momentum and become a better overall steward of my body, time, and wellness.

Zach Roberts

Brandon Palma

"I was tired of being depressed and sad. I wanted more confidence. I wanted to walk in less shame. Glory to Glory feels more like a community rather than a business. They have become apart of my transformation story." We are so proud of Brandon. He lost over 100 lbs and has kept it off for over 5 years. His health has been transformed!

One of our clients, Sydney, came to us at age 50 with high blood pressure and aching shoulder pain.

Sydney Chen

"Glory to Glory is amazing! They are very knowledgeable, motivating and they kick my butt for sixty minutes twice a week. They take the time to carefully explain each exercise and how it impacts the various muscles. In addition, they have also helped me tremendously with a realistic diet plan that is healthy and fits my goals. After only two months, my blood pressure has dropped from hypertension to a healthy level. So if you want results and still have doubts about hiring a trainer like me for years...don't procrastinate. This is the best investment I have ever made. I highly recommend Glory to Glory fitness"



Ashton Tate is the founder of Glory to Glory Fitness. For 7+ years he has been helping to transform hundreds of peoples health through his biblically based F.O.R.M Method. He lives in Nashville TN with his beautiful wife Kelsey. His passion is bringing revival to your health and helping you use your health as an asset to better serve God, your family, and your business.

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